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Introduction to the sequence by Jean Jouzel and contribution from Laurent Husson

September 20, 2019 / News

Climate City Biomim’Expo

The third edition of Biomim’expo, the major gathering devoted to biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations, was held on 6 September at the Paris Hôtel de Ville.

Biomimicry refers to a process of innovation and engineering that aims to draw inspiration from nature to create or improve technologies or all kinds of human activities. Biomimicry can be applied to fields such as medicine, scientific research, industry, economics, architecture and urban planning, agriculture, ecosystem management and planning, and many others.

It is this vast, rich and fascinating subject that was discussed at the Paris City Hall on 6 September last in the presence of a host of guests and speakers. For this third year, the theme was “The Bio-inspired City of Tomorrow”. As cities are very special ecosystems, growing exponentially and completely built by humans, the debates and interventions of each of the participants enriched lively discussions on what the “City of Tomorrow” should be like.

In this context, Laurent Husson presented Climate City and highlighted the link between biomimicry and the anticipation of climate change. Indeed, the operator, although not directly inspired by biomimicry, will however allow the players involved in the construction of cities to understand local climates and determine how to optimise such solutions, as inspired from nature. For example, Climate City is in a position to advise cities on the places where there is the most urgent need to introduce greenery or which natural phenomena should be recreated where in the city. Climate City will thus be in a position to orchestrate the appropriate use of innovation resulting from biomimicry.

It is from this perspective that the teams working at the A. Béchu Architecture Agency and partners of Climate City have devised what will be the operator’s Research and Development Centre. A building inspired by nature, respectful of the environment and designed to embody sustainable innovation.

Following on from Laurent Husson’s address, the sequence “Biomimicry for resilient and regenerative cities to serve the climate” brought together among others Jean Jouzel, climatologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy to the Mayor of Paris, and Michèle Sabban, Honorary President R20 Paris France. An enlightening sequence of contributions all part of an exceptional day.

This one-day event will be supplemented and extended by a second day, on 23 October at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de la Villette, where various sections of the public, players and stakeholders will be able to discover a wide range of initiatives in favour of the environment.

Climate City will of course be present on a stand, alongside its partner the A. Béchu Architecture Agency. We look forward to seeing you there to talk about what nature has to teach us!

To find out more about the day’s programme see:

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