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One solution, two occupations

Characterize and anticipate climate phenomena such as extreme events, heat islands, thermal stresses, floods, air pollution, and drought—on an urban micro-scale—by analyzing in three dimensions (3D) the influence of global climate change and the impacts of human activity on the atmosphere and on the micro-climate of cities.

Operator of an airborne climate measurement network: the Climate Birds network.


Operator of a service platform dedicated to modeling urban climate risks in the short, medium, and long term:


Customized solutions

Based on the meteoblue system and the “C-Birds One” demonstrator

On a micro-scale, in targeted urban areas, assessing future climate hazards and trends in terms of heat islands, thermal stresses, precipitation, air pollution, drought, etc.

Specific dedicated projects / Consulting and ad hoc expertise

Based on the Climate Birds observation network

Over an entire city or metropolis, modeling climate risks at micro-scale (by district) in the medium and long term, evaluating the impact of envisaged solutions to the identified risks.

Subcription to an information and multicriteria spatio-temporal modeling platform that offers generic solutions and sectoral applications

A unique offer in partnership with Green Origin

01. Adapt

cities to climate change

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02. Anticipate

climate risks on an urban micro-scale

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03. Model

urban heat islands, flooding, air pollution

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04. Study

the climate impact on architectural and urban projects

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05. Assess

climate impact on real estate and urban infrastructures

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06. Integrate

climate data into the R&D programs of urban projects

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