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05. Assess climate impact on real estate and urban infrastructures

Study the impact of physical climate risks that could affect a given real estate asset:

  • Historical climate variability in a given area over several decades,
  • Study of the variability of key parameters such as temperature, rainfall, winds, radiant flux, nebulosity, evapotranspiration,
  • The roles of global and regional climate variability and human activities.

DELIVERABLE: Compare profiles of climate risks since the real estate has existed and the possible profiles of climate risks on that same property in the near future.

Find solutions to accurately measure the climate risks that could decrease the value of a given asset by:

  • Studying the climate profile over a few decades (see also preceding Offer #5),
  • Performing specific analysis of real data in real time on a micro-scale of all the elements that will influence the climate (internal and external).

DELIVERABLE: Assess the physical climate risks by evaluating the metric of the frequency of climate events that could contribute to an imbalance in the area under study.