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Our consulting offer fits well as a part of the preparation for the deployment of a CLIMATE BIRDS network and the operation of the first C-Birds One demonstration balloon. This offer is proposed by the operator Climate City as part of the deployment of its systems. It comes before and in addition to the offers proposed by the platform, on which you can sign up now.


Climate City Consulting

The multiple areas of expertise needed to design and deploy CLIMATE BIRDS networks have been instrumental in developing and organising a Climate City Consulting proposal dedicated to urban climate. This offer also allows urban climate issues to be integrated into the framework of environmental programmes and more especially climate plans that cities and local authorities have a duty to take on board.

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Our services address local authorities and industrialists looking to resolve urban climate issues

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We help our clients detect and prevent issues related to heat islands, air pollution and disaster risks

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Depending on the need, we can accompany our clients for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks

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Assessment of the main phenomena underlying local climate changes in the city

Climate City, Assessment of the main phenomena underlying local climate changes in the city

The first step will be to assess the main phenomena making for local climate changes in the city (the urban climate) by examining existing data at both global and local levels.

  • Analysis of advection phenomena (horizontal atmospheric phenomena heading toward the city),
  • Analysis of the main historic meteorological and climatic phenomena of the city,
  • Analysis of existing climatic data in relation to parameters relating to the quality of air, heat islands and precipitation,
  • Analysis of “concentrated” urban planning of the city and its three main components,
  • Analysis of the city’s social and economic activity.


  • “First look at the urban climate of the city and its changes” confidential report
  • A handbook and an informational & awareness-raising conference for the city on their future strengths and ability to adapt. These provisions can also be relayed to technical staff and the economic and social players in the city and citizens more generally.

At Climate City, we are aware of the need for sensitization among public and private stakeholders to the major challenges involved in anticipating local climate risks and adapting urban areas to climate change. With this in mind we developed two specific packages.

The «Citizen Klimate» web series

The «Citizen Klimate» web series by Climate City Operator
This is a short programme created by CLIMATE CITY. Its script, filming and broadcasting can be adapted to the challenges of the organisation considering enhancing its efforts in the climate sector through social networks, YouTube or specific and proprietary media.

An interactive & educational campaign

  • We will deploy a network of small balloons – inspired by Climate Birds – in the main public spaces around the city (gardens, parks, carparks, etc.) or over major industrial sites.
  • We will orchestrate a communication strategy around these balloons to insist on the need to observe the atmospheric layers above the city to better understand and predict urban climate changes over the medium and long term and take advantage of this campaign to explain what the urban climate is all about.
  • We will provide concrete illustrations of how a climate data sensor works and organise small awareness-raising events around the display of the relevant data as part of CLIMATE CITY processing platform.


  • checkmarkCampaign to measure phenomena associated with the urban climate. This will be based on “visible” sensors whose workings will be explained to the public. Balloons will be used to publicise the campaign.
  • checkmarkDemonstration of the “web” platform for presentation and modelling of the data collected. This will precede deployment of the C-Birds One system with the aim of making the data gathered in and used more apparent and comprehensible to the various sections of the public.
  • checkmarkFilming of a pilot episode of Citizen Klimate.

Future users of CLIMATE BIRDS networks can rely on COLLECTICITY to finance part or all of their project. These pioneering cities will be called on to engage with CLIMATE CITY and host a demonstrator, the first captive balloon in the network (C-Birds One).

Future users of CLIMATE BIRDS networks can rely on COLLECTICITY to finance part or all of their project

Climate City & Collecticity

CLIMATE CITY has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the first participatory financing platform dedicated exclusively to local authorities: Collecticity.
This event took place on 28 November 2018 at the Paris headquarters of the two businesses at Village by CA, 55 rue La Boetie.
Laurent Husson and Marc Payan, the two companies’ managers, had brought together for the occasion some of their friends, partners and sponsors. These included Francois Spiero, representing CNES, Sylvain D’Hoine Vice-President of CS Group, Christian Perreault CEO of Explorer Solutions and Alain Renaudin creator of Biomim Expo.