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The Payload

Carried by the balloon and the drone, it corresponds to the miniaturized measuring instruments that will harvest the various elements that make up the urban climate.

The main sensors making up the payload integrated into the balloon basket

Key benefits

  • Three-dimensional evolution of the atmosphere
  • Thermal signature
  • Concentrations of chemical elements, gas and particle density
  • Wind profile
  • Evapotranspiration
  • The miniaturized measuring instruments carried on the balloon and the drone are adapted according to the urban environment in which it circulates
  • The CLIMATE CITY experts have therefore created a standard platform model containing the basic instruments, in order to carry out the first measurements: infrared and multi spectral cameras, atmospheric probes, radiometers, etc. All these technologies are on the shelf (already existing)

The Analyzes

The C-BIRDS ™ ONE and Climates Birds have the ability to determine trends with the best statistical tools available. The coupling of three-dimensional observations and physical modeling means at the street level make it possible to reproduce a precision unequaled quarter by quarter.

  • The tools of C-BIRDS ™ One and Climate Birds provide an analysis of the different regional and local influences on the city’s climate.
  • They make a map of the variations of daily, monthly, seasonal or longer-term variables (El Nino Effect, North Atlantic Oscillation, etc.) of different parameters.
  • They evaluate the final risks on the city by calculating the amplifications or neutralization of different phenomena, according to their temporality and intensity.

Climate City helps cities adapt to climate change Using existing sources and a custom designed monitoring system