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The scientific processing of data

Step 1


Climate City's partner - CS Group

The data is analyzed as part of a processing chain that begins with the storage, organization and mapping of data – a first step handled by the GEOSTORM CLIMATE CITY software, developed by the CS group.

Step 2


Climate City's scientific partners - Meteoblue, NASA, Columbia University

These data are then analyzed through a scientific intervention based on an international cooperation orchestrated by the scientific and operational committee of CLIMATE CITY. NASA and Columbia University laboratories and collaborations with Meteoblue, and many other organizations, ensure the quality of the work of our Committee.

Step 3

Climate City Operator's partner My Climate City ( - Internet of Climate, a service offered by Green Origin, is the strategic partner of Climate City, the service platform, main client interface, for the provision of trends and models of prevision and prediction of urban climate.

My Climate City

The platform offers different levels of services, based on the analysis of historical climate data, the deployment of a 2D observation network of the urban climate and finally a 3D service – based on the Climate Birds networks – allowing real long-term anticipation of climate risks on a hyper local scale. These services are organized around different applications allowing:

  • Guarantee sustainable economic development by promoting sustainable choices in terms of urban planning, industrial investments, road & rail infrastructure, telecommunication, energy distribution, water, waste management, energy efficiency etc.
  • To limit health risks related mainly to pollution or epidemiological episodes of infectious and vector-borne diseases.
    Promote new forms of self-sufficiency such as urban agriculture (green city).
  • To bring out an ecosystem of innovative companies offering new services related to the exploitation of these unprecedented climate data (smart climate city).

The data are analysed as part of a processing chain that begins with data storage, organisation and mapping – a first stage processed using the CLIMATE CITY software.